Enjoy peace of mind in the sun
with LogicInk UV


LogicInk UV is a temporary tattoo-like device that visually records your exposure to UV radiation from the sun, alerting you of your daily recommended limit based on your skin group. This patent-pending invention helps you reduce premature aging of the skin and helps prevent health risks associated with overexposure to the sun.

UV Safe, UV Smart
UB You 

  • Waterproof. Works with sunscreen.
  • Persistent but gentle adhesive won't irritate skin. Comes off painlessly.
  • Optional companion app provides additional insights across days and months.
  • Available in two designs, with more to come.


LogicInk UV — Circular

Logic Ink UV's distinctive circular design is a comprehensive indication of your UV exposure. The inner circle detects the current UV exposure by instantaneously changing its color from white to purple. The outer ring indicates your cumulative UV exposure by changing its color sequentially, clockwise. 


LogicInk UV — Bars

Logic Ink UV's bars design features the same functionalities as circular design. The upper bar indicates your cumulative UV exposure while the lower bar changes its color instantaneously, reacting to the current UV exposure. With LogicInk UV Bars, you can wear these smart sensors to match your style.